Bees acting strange

Bees and other pollinators are critical for plant food production.  Over a long period of time there have been documentaries expressing alarm over the bee population decline.  In fact there was a large investment to fly bees in from Australia to pollinate almond and other groves in California due to colony collapse.  The warnings and alarms have gone out and not a lot has been done to abate the crisis.  Yes, it is a crisis and I have known about this for quite a few years.  I also watched a documentary on this subject and they had discussed commercial growers in China having to collect pollen and have workers go into groves and fields to literally hand pollinate the crops.  The over use of deadly pesticides and chemical fertilizers has decimated the population of bees.

These documentaries are informative and vast in scope.  The implications are staggering.

Links and further articles below for our research and knowledge.

PBS  Silence of the Bees  (Nature)  small clip at

I found this documentary on youtube at

another is More than Honey Official Trailer (2013 Bee documentary)

Youtube video by Barry Scarbrough mentioned one of his subscribers questions and concerns over the abnormal winter prep of his bees as well as his fellow bee keepers.  This information has been copied for your information as well as a national organization which tries to keep track of bee population.… kckrye 1 day ago Barry, can I ask you something? It might seem silly, but it might not. I’m a beekeeper. I always watch the bees and what they do at the changing of the seasons because they tell you a good bit about whats to come. For instance from August into Sept and October the bees will be preparing for the winter months. I can usually tell if the winter months will be harsh or mild judging from how they prepare their hives. This season has caught me waaaaay off guard and I have had no answers as to what they are doing. I’ve never seen it before so I asked other beekeeping friends if they are seeing the same. They are and are just as confused as I am. Our colonies are not preparing at all for the winter. With soooooo much forage around to take from, they are not bringing anything back to the hives. Just enough to survive in their day to day. They just seem to be hanging out and waiting. This is not like a honeybee at all. It has been racking my brain as to why. It just doesn’t make sense and goes against what a honeybee does. Without a storehouse of honey, they will never make it through winter. Could this be related to September, the coming judgments, the rapture and everything else you have been pointing out about the times? I know I know I know it sounds weird to ask but I pay attention to those bees and they are always one step ahead of things. Last night it came to me in my thoughts that maybe its related.

Read more on the statistics of bee loss and view the statistic charts as they did not import into my blog.

Preliminary: 2016-2017 State Total and Average Losses

May 26, 2017 • Blog

The Bee Informed Partnership has released preliminary state losses for 2016-2017. If there are fewer than 5 respondents in a state, we will not release those numbers to preserve confidentiality. These tables represent Annual loss, Winter Loss and Summer Loss. We also report Total Loss and Average Loss.

For further details regarding the difference between Total and Average loss, please read on. The Bee Informed Partnership traditionally reports total loss, or a weighted loss rate. Total loss treats each colony the same or more simply stated,One colony one vote. This means that the total loss rate is more representative of commercial beekeeper loss as they manage a large majority of the colonies in the survey. The average loss rate, which we no longer report in our preliminary summary, is an unweighted rate where we calculate the loss rate for each responding beekeeper and average these rates. So average loss, more simply stated is, “One beekeeper, one vote.” As there are many more backyard beekeepers than commercial beekeepers, average loss rates are more influenced by these smaller beekeepers.

The Figure provide a heat map of Annual Total losses by state and in the tables below, N represents the number of beekeepers from that state answering those survey questions.

Figure 1: 2016-2017 Total Annual Loss by State

Table 1: 2016-2017 Annual Loss by State or Territory:

More info provided at the above linked blog ( These documents are informative and vast in scope.  The implications are staggering.


Video clips and references to documentaries and articles are linked below

PBS  Silence of the Bees  (Nature)  small clip at

I found this documentary on youtube at

another is More than Honey Official Trailer (2013 Bee documentary)

There are many documentaries on the decimation of pollinators, particularly bees.  Here is a link describing the hand pollinating China must do for their commercial farms.


With all the events happening within the last 30-40 years, including waste, greed, excess use of chemicals and technologies, this is ramping up to be a perfect storm.  A collapse taking many forms is on the horizon and people need to be prepared spiritually, emotionally and physically.  May Father God and Savior Yeshua-Jesus bring the light of understanding and wisdom to your heart and mind.




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